Our Community of Practice

Build capacity to support resilience in your organisation.

What is the Community of Practice?

At the Resilience Dynamic, we don’t hold onto our research just for our clients; we deliberately place it into the safe hands of others who can support and help extend the resilience of others. That means both external coaches, and internal coaches & Organisational Development practitioners. Together we formed the Resilience Dynamic Community of Practice.

For our clients, our growing delivery capability ensures a specialist, high quality, and consistent service. Whether for coaching or masterclasses and workshops, whatever size the job, we can help.

Join the Resilience Dynamic Community

To join the Resilience Dynamic Community of Practice, you must successfully complete our Resilience Accreditation Programme.

For individuals and small groups, consider the open programme through the AOEC’s and Resilience Dynamic’s joint Resilience Accreditation Programme.

If you want an internal coach bank to become accredited, we offer internal programmes. Please contact us directly.

The Process of Joining