Practical Resilience Coaching for Support with Substance

From group workshops to 1:1 debriefs, our resilience coaching programmes of learning are designed to help your people build their knowledge, and actively build their own resilience.

Resilience coaching enables you to See, Understand and Optimise your own resilience and resilience in others. This is a strategic capability, especially for leaders and managers.

Our coaching and programmes accelerate your progression through to optimisation. Our accredited resilience coaches deeply listen to your own wisdom and help you put in place the conditions for your resilience to flourish.

Our resilience coaching and programmes pinpoint the conditions for you to thrive in work and life.

Working with the insights from the Resilience Dynamic research, our coaches know how to support the needs of different levels of resilience. They therefore work specifically and rigorously to help resource each client, working within our ethical framework. The work becomes straightforward, practical and impactful quickly.

Cut through the noise using the Resilience Dynamic top resilience enablers and barriers.

Discover our easy way to see the truth of how you are operating via the Resilience Dynamic® model. Once you see the most relevant enablers and barriers, you can make shifts in your performance and wellbeing, without wasted effort and with clear focus.

Resilience Coaching & Programmes

Whether you are interested in discovering your own resilience, that of your team or becoming a resilience practitioner, we offer a range of programmes to suit your needs. All programmes are based on the Resilience Dynamic® model and our extensive research and experience. Take a look at the components, outputs and applications for each programme below to see which programme is best suited for you.

Resilience Coaching vs Resilience Training

When choosing a resilience solution for you or your workforce, it is important to select one that will truly enable resilience and wellbeing. This is what resilience coaching offers.

Tailored to your needs

Far from an off-the-shelf resilience training package, our coaching programmes offer a solution entirely paced according to the capacity of your people. You see your current resilience level in relation to the Resilience Dynamic®, understand your secure areas and those needing more attention, and pace the work realistically according to your capacity.

Keeping things simple

Resilience is viewed as something awkward and deep by many organisations. When it comes to resilience, coaching will help you to See it, Understand it, Optimise it in a simple, straightforward way. It will enable you to support your own resilience and wellbeing, and that of your team.

Account for different beginnings

In the middle of busyness it’s tempting to implement one main organisational solution for resilience and wellbeing. However your chosen solution will appeal to a limited segment of your workforce only. Resilience coaching, where 1:1 or group/team, will make this real, context driven and account fully for the different start points across your workforce.

Building psychological safety

Coaching offers a safe container for you to think, reflect and unpack. Our resilience coaches will enable you to take action in a paced way, building up your energy and capacity so that you tackle the straightforward changes first, then move to the more complex as appropriate.


What people are saying

“The 1-1 coaching was helpful, insightful, supportive and challenging.”

Angus Council

“I have tried to see the difficulties I have faced as learning experiences […] I believe this would not have possible without my developing understanding and awareness of resilience.”

Head Teacher
Junior School

“Having a structure, language and way of managing my own resilience has been a tremendous step forward for me.”


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