Research Papers and Data Insights

We don’t hold onto our 15 years of research – we put it into your hands. Our whitepapers offer valuable insights into our resilience data and extensive, real-world experience.

Resilience Research and Data Insights
Resilience Red Flags and How to Fix Them

Resilient Organisation; Red Flags and How to Fix Them

The Resilience Dynamic helps build healthy, high performing organisations. As part of our promise to our clients, we are proud to launch our insights into 'Productivity and Wellbeing' thresholds. These will enable proactive management of the mental health of your...

Pacing the Workforce According to Resilience

Resilient Organisation; Pacing the Workforce

In this annual data insights paper, we reflect on the macro picture of resilience and wellbeing across 2022. We are now post-covid, but in an incredibly demanding and uncertain time, with a rise in the cost of living, having to deliver on increased results with far...

Resilient Organisation; How are they built?

In this whitepaper, we reflect on resilience across 2021. We provide information about the different levels of resilience and insights from our Resilience Dynamic® Indicator and Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire, together with observations from working with our...

Resilient Organisation; Ten Principles

We adopt our Ten Principles of Enabling the Resilient Organisation in our work. This paper outlines each so you too can create a resilient culture that supports both high performance and wellbeing. The top enablers and barriers of resilience are easy to connect to,...

Resilience Dynamic; Introduction to our framework

Making change and enabling change takes resilience. This is true for parents and for leaders within organisations. Change is at the heart of any leadership, whatever walk of life. In this paper you will learn about the Resilience Dynamic® Framework and how you can...

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