Spotlight Into Our Community of Practice

Alive and growing since 2014, the Resilience Dynamic Community of Practice brings together professional coaches, internal coaches and organisational development consultants who are specialised in resilience and wellbeing through our Resilience Accreditation Programme.

With members across Europe and Asia Pacific, our 80+ strong community of resilience coaches operate with a core belief in enabling healthy, high-performing teams.

Why Resilience?

We asked some of our Community of Practice members why they have chosen to work in the field of resilience and wellbeing, here’s what they had to say.

To find out more about the benefits of adding resilience and wellbeing to your coaching practice, take a look at our Resilience Accreditation Programme.

Connect and Learn

Learning is a key enabler of resilience, and as a community we strive to develop and learn together. A part of being a member of our Community of Practice is being invited to some fantastic continuing professional development (CPD) events. We run several CPD events each year, focusing on aspects of resilience and wellbeing to optimise our community’s capability. 2023 CPD includes:

  • Resilience and Innovation with Lenka Pincot
  • Healthy Organisations with Jenny Campbell 
  • Resilience for Neurodivergent Thinkers with Clare McNamara

Another benefit to being a part of our Community of Practice, are the ‘Connect and Learn’ sessions that we run monthly. These sessions are an opportunity for the community to connect in with each other, discuss our own resilience and wellbeing, bring in case studies to debate, and learn from each other.

Join the Resilience Dynamic Community

To join the Resilience Dynamic Community of Practice, you must successfully complete our Resilience Accreditation Programme.

For individuals and small groups, consider the open programme: Resilience Accreditation Programme.

If you want an internal coach bank to become accredited, we offer internal programmes. Please contact us directly.

Resilience Dynamic Conference Across the Years

Our Resilience Dynamic Conference runs annually and is an opportunity for the Community of Practice to connect and learn together. With different themes each year, the conference brings together thought leaders in the resilience and wellbeing space. Previous conferences have covered: Thriving Together – Helping Ourselves and Our Clients Thrive; Resilience and High Performance; Values and Connection; and The Future of Work.