Crafting Resilient Teams:

Healthy, High Performance Workshop

Get a 20% uplift in your team’s resilience. Get the right data to get onto the right pathway.

With Jenny Campbell, CEO and Lead Researcher, Resilience Dynamic

Let 2024 be the year to put a stop to your team’s burnout risk.

Boost your team’s wellbeing and performance by deploying the Resilience Dynamic team strategy. Get the right team data so you and your team can get onto the right pathway.

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Next Workshop – 2nd July 2024, 11am to 12pm BST

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The Speaker

Jenny Campbell


Renowned resilience researcher, resilience speaker, author, thought leader, coach and practitioner of resilience.

Jenny and her research team have discovered that resilience is fundamental to healthy, high performance in the face of complexity and change. Being resilient means performing well and being well, both without compromise.

Case Study

Increase Your Team’s Resilience

70% of participants had an uplift in their resilience, of at least one full resilience level.


– 40% of participants saw an uplift of their resilience of 20% or above!

The detail of this extraordinary resilience uplift can be seen in the average % distribution between the Secure, Neutral and Watch areas of the team.

  • Secure areas are contributors to resilience
  • Neutral areas neither contribute or drain resilience
  • Watch areas drain resilience

What’s Involved

You will learn:

The Crafting Resilient Teams: Healthy High Performance Workshop includes:

We are offering individuals & teams a unique opportunity to discover the science of resilience & how it can support you to become both healthy & high-performing. We know how powerful it is to see your own data – setting up a straightforward & transparent start point for yourself and the whole team.


What people are saying

“The resilience models gave me a new way to review things, and a fresh perspective. They highlighted areas of development for me individually and for the team.”


“It has certainly widened my knowledge and understanding about resilience and my own self-awareness especially in relation to purpose and goals.”


“Having a structure, language and way of managing my own resilience has been a tremendous step forward for me. In turn this adds to my ways of viewing or considering where others may be at with their own resilience.”


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