A Smart Self-Assessment Tool to Gauge Your Resilience Start Point

Our Resilience Dynamic® Indicator self-assessment lets everyone see just how resilient they are right now and lets you see if your organisation is currently set up to support resilience.

Curious about your own or your team’s resilience levels? Try the Resilience Dynamic® Indicator

The Resilience Dynamic® Indicator is a self-assessment of your likely resilience level. A personalised report highlights your Secure, Neutral and Watch areas and some simple steps to begin optimising your resilience.

Results are expressed using the Resilience Dynamic® model, our foremost research model that shows the implications of different resilience levels. This free tool is a simplified version of our Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire service which supports an in-depth analysis of your resilience level alongside a coach debrief.

Try it out to get a flavour of how you might adopt the Resilience Dynamic in your organisation.

States of Resilience

Understand what resilience looks like in your organisation

Then choose the right solution that fits your resilience need.

Break Through

Breakthrough is where your resilience is at the highest level. You embrace change and are resourceful, adaptable and energised. 

Break Even

In Breakeven, performance is okay, and you can cope or bounceback from stress, but this can be tiring and leaves no extra capacity.


In Fragmentation, your life is dominated by the negative stress reaction. Investment in self-care and energy is needed to create stable coping mechanisms.

Break Down

In Breakdown, your resilience capacity is depleted, and your health is severely at risk. This must be resolved with help from others. 

The Support You Need

The Resilience Dynamic® Indicator will help you shine a light on the areas of your resilience that are most secure and those that may need further support. Reflect on the report from your self-assessment and start by considering simple actions you might take to boost your resilience.

Try out our online Resilience Dynamic® Indicator to get a flavour of your own resilience level

Put wellbeing and performance at the heart of your company culture.

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The Resilience Dynamic® Indicator FAQs

What are Secure/Neutral/Watch areas?

Secure/Neutral/Watch areas are exactly as they say on the tin. Secure means protect it! Neutral means shift to take advantage of it. Tackle Watch areas once you feel resourceful enough; these are often long-standing drivers that drain your resilience. The scoring within our proprietary methods based on our research give a consistent and evidence-based way of highlighting these for you. 

Where is my data stored?

All data is stored securely by AWS (Amazon Web Servers) within Europe and is therefore compliant with GDPR regulations.

What are the differences between the Resilience Dynamic® Indicator and Questionnaire?

The Resilience Dynamic® Indicator is a proxy version of our in-depth Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire and offers an approximated resilience result. The Indicator results have been verified against the Questionnaire to ensure that. 

Can I assess the resilience of my team as well as individually?

Team reports are available through the Resilience Dynamic Dashboard service and can be generated by any mix of the Resilience Dynamic® Indicator, Questionnaire and Tracker. Look at the Dashboard Team to learn more.

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