9 Traits Of Highly Resilient People

Read this quote by Corey Keyes about what ‘flourishing’ is:

The 9 Traits of Resilient People In This Quote

Below are the 9 different elements that make up ‘flourishing’ in this quote from Corey Keyes, and these are also true for highly resilient people.

Think about your own resilience and wellbeing, and how these points about resilient people might relate. Use them to provoke thoughts about how you might boost your own resilience level across all contexts of your life, both work and home. 

People Who Are Highly Resilient & Flourishing:

  1. Have high levels of emotional well-being 
  2. Are happy and satisfied 
  3. Have purpose 
  4. Feel a degree of mastery 
  5. Are accepting of all parts of themselves 
  6. Have a sense of personal growth 
  7. Have a sense of autonomy 
  8. Have a internal locus of control 
  9. Choose fate in life instead of being a victim of fate

Go through each one of these points from the quote. 

Rate how much you have this in your life using a scale of 1-10, where 10 is complete agreement.

Where is your attention most drawn? Consider that as your first step as to how you might boost your personal resilience and wellbeing. 

Next Steps

  • Check in with your resilience using our simple
    Resilience River© method. Watch this video to
    discover how:
  • Try out our free Resilience Dynamic® Indicator (RDI) self-assessment. If you have done it before, retake it to see if you are making a difference.

Author: Jenny Campbell Founder and CEO of the Resilience Dynamic

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