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Round up and key Takeaways from our impact webinar sessions

Are we in a wellbeing epidemic? Will Burnout affect your workforce?  

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Jenny Campbell CEO of the Resilience Dynamic talks with Dr Amy Bradley on Burnout.

Impact Series – Burnout

Our series of Impact webinar events covered the three enablers of Resilience; wellbeing, change and culture. In this blog article, we will share with you the critical takeaways from the Burnout session and video links to watch again. 

We hosted global industry leaders to share their thoughts on wellbeing, and culture and in addition, we held an open-space event to allow you to bring your issues around the organisational culture to our senior expert Resilience Coaching Practitioners. 

To watch the full session, in your own time the video is below: Resilience Impact Series; Burnout Video

Resilience Impact Event – Wellbeing & Burnout

What is burnout? The Oxford English Dictionary defines burnout “as the state of being extremely tired or ill, either physically or mentally, because you have worked too hard”.

Dr Amy Bradley, a wellbeing expert, spoke about the stories of ‘Burnout’ – and how it is more than overwhelm; it’s something more significant than that.

Why is Burnout Happening?

  • A mismatch between expectations of work and the reality of work
  • A mismatch around values – personal values and workplace values

Features of Burnout:

  • Equating productivity with self-worth; proletarian work ethic ‘the harder you work, the more you become a good person.’
  • Measure our worth by how hard we work
  • Our work has become so central to our identity that we see work as the source of identity in our lives.
  • The problematic relationship with our organisation – and these being set against us when it comes to wellbeing. Growth and success for organisations are dependent on an ever-increasing need for us to be able to produce more, more and more. Ultimately our organisations can only be as sustainable as our people.
  • Many of us are in a state of fight-flight and freeze; our nervous system is either stuck on; in overdrive, tense, hard to switch off, or our autonomic nervous system is stuck off; that sense of joyless ness, procrastination, withdrawal, lethargy towards work.

How can an individual tackle Burnout?

  • Work somewhere where there are processes that don’t make you feel like a number but like an individual.
  • Compassion for others and people is a priority, even at the expense of productivity.
  • Don’t ignore self-care in favour of getting back to client demands – call this out.

How can the Business tackle Burnout?

  • Support free speech – allow people to have their thoughts and feeling heard and shared
  • Group incentives and rewards, not individual – this creates a community.
  • Power – levelling up power between the individual and the organisation – reciprocity.

Burnout is a direct result of poor wellbeing, and learning the skills and enablers of resilience can help avoid you becoming burnout. We have created our Dashboard Solo tool, which is a solution to allow you to evaluate your personal resilience using the Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire.

The Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire gives insight into your dynamic personal resilience range, plus your Secure/Neutral/Watch areas that highlight your opportunities for change.

If you are interested in exploring and shifting this, get in touch, our expert resilience coaches and well-tech team can provide you with a free consultation and demo of our innovative dashboard workforce solutions.

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Article PDF Download