The difference between strength and resilience

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What is the relationship between Strength and Resilience?

Strength and resilience are two very different qualities. Whether you’re facing a difficult situation, want to improve your overall well-being, perform better at work, or just be a better person. Understanding the science behind these traits can help you build them up and reap the benefits.

In this article, we’ll explore strength and resilience, how they are different, and how you can cultivate them in your own life.

Understanding the difference between strength and resilience.

Strength and resilience are often used interchangeably; however, they are actually two distinctly different qualities.

Strength refers to the ability to withstand pressure, while resilience is the power to adapt to change. One is more about endurance and ‘toughness’, while the other is about adaptability and flexibility. These two terms are important, and through our research – we know that resilience is the key trait required to develop the qualities needed to be a high performer.

The Science behind building resilience

Developing personal resilience requires intentional effort and practice. We have workforce tools to help your teams, leaders and individuals to build personal resilience.

We have been researching resilience for over 17 years (see below) and use a coaching methodology and the Resilience Dynamic framework to support this. To read all about the science behind resilience, read our papers here.

You can develop your resilience by practising self-care, building a support network, and reframing negative thoughts into positive ones.

By consistently implementing positive strategies, you can boost your resilience, improve productivity and performance, and overcome challenges in all areas of your life.

Where to start? Complete our Resilience Dynamic Self-Assessment, where you can find out where you are in terms of personal resilience.

If you want another way? Jenny has written a book on resilience: the Resilience Dynamic Book to get you started on your pathway to resilience.

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Author: Jenny Campbell Founder and CEO of the Resilience Dynamic

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