Increase Your Energy Levels and Double Your Capacity

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Resilience Dynamic research has shown that energy is a key enabler of resilience – this means that by building your personal resilience you’ll also focus on how increase your energy levels. Just imagine what you could do with double your capacity!

Most good performers within organisations tend to have ‘Bounce Back‘ levels of resilience. They rise to the challenge, handle stress pretty well, and can be very persistent to get through issues. However, they face the tail effects of fatigue and low energy levels once they have pushed through the challenge. Overall, they will ‘bounce back’ to some kind of normal.

Bounce Back is a high resilience level but it is an unstable place to be because of these ups and downs. There is also the risk of dropping towards Coping when faced with too much challenge in a short period of time. Both performance and wellbeing suffer because the levels of energy lost becomes too significant.

If you or your people are in Bounce Back, you need to learn how to increase your energy levels and stabilise.

See the infographic below on how to stop the downside of Bounce Back and double your capacity:

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Article PDF Download

Author: Jenny Campbell Founder and CEO of the Resilience Dynamic

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