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Round up and key Takeaways from our impact webinar sessions.

Does your company have a healthy workplace culture? Are our people content in this? what makes a healthy workplace culture?

We held an Open-Space session for our participants to discuss their understanding of workplace culture as part of our Impact session.

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Blog Post – Impact Series; Workplace Culture.

Today we focused on the culture in the workplace – and how this is directly related to healthy organisations and resilience. 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines company culture as “The way of life of a people, including their attitudes, values, beliefs, arts, sciences, modes of perception, and habits of thought and activity.”

Jenny Campbell, Anne Archer (senior resilience practitioner) and Orla Scott (Senior resilience practitioner) joined us in an open-space event. We welcomed participants to share their thoughts and experiences of healthy workplace culture and how it improves resilience. 

Watch the video of the Culture session below.

Resilience Impact Series – Culture

Jenny outlined individuals’ definitions of resilience – and the typically opposing alignment with ‘toughening up’. Resilience Dynamics’ research shows that resilience is about the capacity for change. Campbell showed our Resilience Dynamic Research model. (pictured below).

Resilience Dynamic Model
Resilience Dynamic Model

We know that resilience underpins performance and wellbeing.  We use a positioning framework for this – See it, Understand It and Optimise it. 

What is a Healthy Organisation? What is a positive workplace culture?

Jenny positioned some thinking start points – of what a healthy culture means to our participants:

  • Open and authentic
  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Trust
  • Supportive encouraged
  • Space
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Say it as it is – no reprisal

We asked the participants to reflect on organisations that showcase a healthy organisation – and make their observations on this. Using the Josh Bersen research model – only 15% of organisations are truly beneficial. A top-rated healthy organisation can embed wellbeing as a cultural norm. 

Features of a positive culture:

Josh Bersen’s framework comprises of 24 activity areas which create a healthy organisation. 

  • Human centred approach
  • Wellbeing specifically
  • Workload management
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Psychological safety

Read our thought on how to create a Resilient culture

Top thoughts from the open-table discussion on how to make your workplace culture healthy:

  • Leaders can be at every level
  • Listening at every level
  • Learning is at the heart of the organisation
  • Listening at Scale – particularly to those who don’t get heard. 
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Inclusive language in workplace comms
  • Time – giving employees time to have deeper conversations
  • Simplicity – keeping things simple in the workplace, small, localised simple programmes
  • Practical movements for support
  • Encouraging distributed leadership

Thanks to all our participants – this was a brilliant collaborative and immersive discussion. 

The Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire gives insight into your dynamic personal resilience range, plus your Secure/Neutral/Watch areas that highlight your opportunities for change.

We have created our Dashboard Solo tool, which is a solution to allow you to evaluate your personal resilience using the Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire.

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