1:1 and Group Coaching



Falkirk Council and NHS Forth Valley have integrated under the Integration Act to create Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP). The systems are inherently complex, and staff are dealing with complex service user issues and funding.

Early in the integration process, the HSCP approach the Resilience Dynamic to help. Resilience support was sought for managers and staff to unlock integration and performance as they managed the complexity of this legislative change.

See it

Understand it

Between 2016-2019, 80 staff and managers participated in a series of workshops using the Resilience tools from our online services, to explore resilience enablers and barriers.

Managers were supported specifically through resilience group coaching, working in peer support on how to foster resilience across their different professional staff groups

The Executive Team and HSCP Governance board built a common resilience framework to foster understanding and alignment using 1:1 and senior team coaching. 

Optimise it

The programme enabled the collaborative creation of team charters across the system and team by team. This led to greater:

  • Boosting of resilience at individual and team levels, leading to a release of capacity to tackle the complex integration operational duties
  • Clarity over roles and responsibilities
  • More meaningful ways of joint measurement around ‘what good looks like’ under the two systems of social care and health
  • Stakeholder action plans


of managers felt more confident they could better support their teams



of individuals felt much more capable of supporting their own resilience, with others having existing strategies reinforced

Helps you to look at stresses and challenges in another way and to find tools that work for you to develop and sustain your resilience.


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Great to feel safe and share within the group. Felt well supported to do so.


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