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Catapult is a high-growth consultancy organisation in the renewables industry. Amid the complexity of high growth, the organisation was seeking to optimise the resilience and wellbeing of their people and ensure that they could attract and retain the great talent needed to serve this exponential growth.

They initiated a pilot of the full Dashboard Enterprise with added team coaching support for Catapult’s Extended Leadership Team (ELT) of 30 between September 2022 – January 2023.

See it

Understand it

A Resilience Masterclass boosted the ELT’s awareness of their workplace attitudes and unpicked assumptions about resilience, enabling the team to understand what optimising resilience looks like within their context of high growth.

Resilience Fundamentals increased participants’ understanding of the key concepts of resilience, while the Resilience Toolkit was used on-demand to explore specific resilience tools and self-coaching questions.

Individuals gained a deeper understanding of patterns in their own resilience and wellbeing day-to-day using the Resilience Tracker.

Optimise it

Senior leaders used the Management Dashboard to unlock insights around the ELT’s collective resilience levels and drivers across time. 

Two group coaching sessions enabled the ELT to recognise how they might optimise resilience and wellbeing across the organisation to deliver future growth. Within the sessions the team explored their resilience insights gained so far, reviewed their purpose and from this created an aligned, consistent resilience action plan.

Took lots from it, particularly how important it is for us to work more closely together as a team.



It REALLY enforced to me the importance of the ELT to the organisation and also how much [CEO] values us as a collective. How much of an influence we have / could have if we worked closer together. Penny really dropped for me on that.



Good to acknowledge a problem/issue as a group as the 1st step, then figure out how to deal with it.