Dashboard Team Coaching



Suzano’s new European division was adapting to the challenges triggered by a number of internal drivers and structural change. Their Extended Leadership Team needed to align, boost wellbeing to ensure high performance, and converge to create a real team spirit.

After using Dashboard Team alongside team coaching between August – September 2022, the team of 16 gained alignment around team purpose as well as key actions to build themselves as a high performing team.

See it

Understand it

Through 1:1 debriefs with a coach, individuals within the team created action plans for their own resilience.

Team sessions kicked off with a deep dive into the team’s opportunities for purpose and alignment.

Optimise it

The team unlocked the alignment between individual and team purpose and motivation, creating a real energy towards resilient leadership.

One of the striking learnings for me were on what boosts and drains the team’s energy, and how can we support each other when needed. Furthermore, this enabled us to boost the team spirit and end a very hectic 2022 in a much better shape than we started.

Paulo Borges

Managing Director of Suzano Europe