Coaching; Individual and Group

Tailored coaching solutions to explore your resilience and wellbeing with the support of a qualified resilience coach.

Coaching provides a safe space to think, reflect, unpack and make changes.

Coaching provides a foundation for psychological safety around the topic of resilience and wellbeing.

Working with the insights from the Resilience Dynamic research, our coaches know how to support the needs of the different levels of resilience across your organisation.

Understand your start point and opportunities for shifting resilience and optimise your performance and wellbeing through building resilience habits into your day to day.

Individual coaching

Rediscover what it feels like to be high performing and at ease. Your coach will support you in exploring your resilience and wellbeing in a straightforward way. Through coaching, you can See the truth of your resilience using the Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire as a kick off, accelerating your insight. Understand the opportunities you have to make easy shifts. Then go into any complex areas so you can Optimise it, to feel resourceful no matter the context.

Group coaching

Working with teams or groups, this coaching is about honing in on common themes and purpose, unlocking insight and practical action.

Managers share resilience best practices and learn to support one another. Teams unlock their collective performance by becoming more aligned on their purpose, release their capacity, clarify their roles and responsibilities, equalise their power inside and outside of the team, and overall optimise their ways of working to be at their most resourceful.

The Resilience Dynamic® Questionnaire team results act as an accelerator into all of this work.

The coaching very much affected my thinking about resilience. I understood some triggers and how I can use strategies to increase my resilience.


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