Our Resilience Accreditation Programme

The Resilience Accreditation Programme equips professional and internal coaches plus organisational development consultants with the skills and knowledge required to support organisations in the development of resilience.

Shift your coaching practice to the next level by becoming a resilience coach.

The Resilience Dynamic Accreditation Programme offers some of the most in-depth and rigorous learning within the coaching profession. Focusing on how to work with all levels of the Resilience Dynamic®, the programme integrates both performance and wellbeing coherently. 

To be successful in the programme, participants need to demonstrate they qualify as a safe pair of hands capable of supporting and challenging clients at all resilience levels, whether they are struggling or thriving.

Why become an accredited resilience coach?

Why become an accredited resilience coach?

Learn effective strategies for different resilience levels

Become comfortable working with any level of resilience, from those not coping through to those that thrive. Understand the implications and the best ways of helping your client to resource themselves.  Deepen your ethics, so you too are resourced.

Gain new tools and techniques

New tools and techniques to enable the client to effect a wholly resilient way of working and living. Learn how to apply our research and methods to help clients who are in challenging or uncertain circumstances shift from being stuck, ineffective, lacking in focus or suffering from burnout or stress. 

Join an amazing Community of Practice

Join our dynamic Community of Practice which support one another and share best practices and ideas. Come into our monthly coffee mornings, continue to learn through our organised CPD sessions, and enjoy sharing and connecting at our annual conference. This community is very much alive and growing, and enjoy making a difference together in our complex world.

Build an internal resilience coaching capability within your organisation

Building an in-house bank of coaches means that you will be building sustainability for your support of resilience and wellbeing. Our in-house coaches apply our research and tools in various ways, from virtual wellbeing sessions to policy development. With the ongoing support of our Community of Practice, help to shift your organisation’s performance and wellbeing, both without compromise. 

My coaching practice has changed quite significantly as I find myself attending to different factors in myself and my clients whether individuals or groups.

Anne Archer

Executive Coach

Resilience Accreditation Programme FAQs

I want to build an internal resilience capability. Can I do this in-house, or do I need to send my people on the open programme?

We are able to offer up to 6 in-house programmes per year, on top of our annual open programme. Inhouse programmes require a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 15. The key advantages include a schedule to suit you, plus time to shape your internal resilience policies with the Resilience Dynamic faculty team.

Who is the programme for?

Experienced, regularly practicing coaches or organisational development practitioner with some experience in group facilitation as an internal or external consultant who:

  • Has achieved coaching competency or equivalent (i.e. qualification and evidenced experience) at ICF ACC level, EMCC Practitioner level, or AC Accredited Coach level as a minimum.
  • Understands the impact of leader, team and individual resilience on organisational success. Has an interest in how to increase the resilience of individuals, teams and organisations.
  • Has experience working in organisations supporting leadership development and change programmes as an internal or external coach, consultant or facilitator.

How long does the programme take to complete?

This is a 6-8 month programme and includes 5 virtual modules, small group working, solo work and preparation, and lots of practical coaching and supervision.  

Key components include prework, 5 virtual modules, ongoing one-to-one and group/team client coaching work, slack channel conversations, one-to-one and group supervision; written submission. On successful submission, you are granted a license to practice and join our vibrant Community of Practice. 

Is the programme face-to-face or virtual?

The programme is virtual, with all sessions taking place over Zoom.

How much does the programme cost?

The open programme for 2023 with the AoEC costs £2,950 + VAT.  Inhouse programmes start at this rate and have a reduction for 8+ participants.

What does the ongoing license fee entail - work and cost ?

The Resilience Accreditation license is a dynamic one. Whilst the formal reaccreditation process is every 3 years, you can invest in CPD flexibly to build the average of 6 hours per year. We offer 4 virtual CPD sessions per year that are recorded, plus an annual conference. The cost for the renewal is essentially the cost of this CPD; additional charge may be made if you evidence non-Resilience Dynamic CPD which needs to be checked against our criteria. 

I want to include resilience modules in our internal leadership programme. Can others deliver this if they are not accredited?

Any of the Resilience Accreditation materials, tools, method or framework can only be delivered by an accredited Resilience Engine practitioner.